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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The World Famous Dances


                Whenever we hear the word dance, we get some kind of good, entertainment, sportive…..etc.  Based on the type of dance. Generally, to celebrate any occasion also we enjoy with dance which makes people forget themselves & fill their mind with joy and happiness. Today dance is more considered as communicating language between people that express their feeling & opinions. 

                Waltz was born as Strauss German folk dance. In the initial days two person by Tirol & Syria dancing a dance by name Waltzer , the word waltzer was organized from a Latin word by name revolve. The word revolve indicates a movement with rotation. This is a dance express with a romantic feeling of couples & brings them more closely towards each other.
                In the early 1830’s two Australian composers by name planner & Strauss give life for waltz. In the starting days waltz, it didn't get closer to the people, for it was the first where the couple danced so close towards each other by placing the man’s hand around the waist of the lady , but later  it became famous as days passed by & people started enjoying in the feel in the dance . By the middle of 19th century, it was firmly established in us society .


Waltz includes “Raise & fall” & also way their body. This stylish action gives couples a good released feeling & up & down appearance as they gild around the floor. These actions must be smooth & gentle.
The movements include a sequence of steps & the time is allotted between two sequence of steps & the time is allotted between two sequence of steps which can be termed as time slot. The rhythm of music makes them move to & fro , up& down & sway their  body

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